Explore the Journey of Lonely Cricket

Step into the post-Civil War era with ‘Red and White’ by Kenneth Weene, a poignant tale of Lonely Cricket, a Native American boy caught in the tides of change. As he navigates the challenging path towards adulthood, he finds himself torn between the ancient traditions of his tribe and the imposing culture of the Euro-Americans. This compelling narrative not only explores his internal struggles but also paints a vivid picture of his quest for identity in a rapidly transforming world.

Kenneth Weene

Kenneth Weene, known as ‘The Broody New Englander,’ is a distinguished author whose narratives vividly capture the essence of American history and culture. With a profound understanding of the human condition, Kenneth’s works often explore the intricate interplay between personal identity and broader societal changes. His latest novel, ‘Red & White,’ delves into the post-Civil War era through the eyes of Lonely Cricket, a Native American boy caught in the tumult of cultural transformation.

Author's Reflection

A Journey Through Change

Lonely Cricket's Quest

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Lonely Cricket, a young Native American, faces the monumental task of navigating his identity in a rapidly transforming world. As he delves deeper into his tribe’s traditions, he is simultaneously pulled towards the encroaching influences of the Euro-American settlers. This internal and external conflict forces Lonely Cricket to grapple with profound questions about his heritage, beliefs, and the essence of who he is amidst the cultural upheaval.

Caught between the ancient stories of his people and the aggressive push towards assimilation by the newcomers, Lonely Cricket’s journey is one of self-discovery and resilience. His struggle to reconcile the old ways with new realities paints a vivid picture of a young man standing at the crossroads of history.

Identity Amidst Change

The Journey of Lonely Cricket

Explore the pivotal moments in the life of Lonely Cricket as he navigates the challenges of growing up between two worlds.


The End of the Civil War

The Civil War ends, marking a new era of change and uncertainty for Lonely Cricket’s tribe as they face increasing pressures from Euro-American settlers.


First Encounter

Lonely Cricket experiences his first direct encounter with Euro-Americans, sparking a deep curiosity and confusion about their ways and intentions.


A Lesson in Traditions

Under the guidance of his elders, Lonely Cricket participates in his first tribal ceremony, learning crucial aspects of his heritage and identity.


Conflict of Cultures

As tensions escalate between his tribe and the settlers, Lonely Cricket finds himself torn between maintaining his cultural heritage and adapting to the new world around him.

Discover the Journey of Lonely Cricket

Immerse yourself in the gripping saga of ‘Red & White’ where tradition and transformation collide through the eyes of Lonely Cricket. Explore Kenneth Weene’s masterful portrayal of a Native American boy’s quest for identity amidst the tumultuous post-Civil War era. Don’t miss this profound narrative that delves deep into the struggles and resilience of a changing culture.