In my heart runs green soup.
I am not of the West. My skin
chocolate dark. My hair
kinky black. My food
the sustenance of Africa.

I am Ikpelikepe,
a son of the Igala.
We are the strong hand
caressing the nipples of the world,
tickling Africa.

I am green, the farmer’s
color. Blessed by weather to feed
the universe. Muscle to till
mother earth. Fertilize the umbilical
and bring industry to life.

Yes, I am Ikpelikpe,
the beauty of the African pot.
Through me the okpehe grows
and my people are fed.

By Umar O. Abdul

Umar O. Abdul is a Nigerian playwright and poet. He has published Soyinka Lied, The Making of Tomorrow, The Surrogate, Ashes (with Kenneth Weene), The Rightful King (with Kenneth Weene), The Broken Moon, Owailo, Frozen Frame, The Inheritor, Stray Bullet, and King’s Darling. Married and blessed with beautiful children, Umar resides in Ankpa, Nigeria where he lectures with the Department of Theatre Arts, Kogi State College of Education

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