In The Army, a short chapter from Tales From the Dew Drop Inne, offers a glimpse into the mind of a survivor of the PTSD that haunts veterans.

Sample the poetic language of The Stylite, a tale of love, community, and sorrow.

The Conductor offers a flash view of a man who lives in a world of music.

Sometimes people find the connections they need, and sometimes they end up lost in the wilderness. Still, who can stop the wanting, the light and the dark needing within?

Takes you to Africa, a continent seized by greed and determined to free herself no matter what the costs.

A flash fiction tale of gypsy life.

May poetry remind us of our responsibility, one to another, to make this a world of justice. 

a chapter out of “Tales From the Dew Drop Inne” in which a young drunk and an old explore the meaning of life and death