Counseling Fees, Frequencies, and Policies

Kenneth Weene, Ph.D.


Fees: My fees are set on a sliding scale with a minimum of $30 per session and a maximum of $125. The actual fee is set with the client(s) and should be based on their reasonable ability to pay. There is no charge for the initial session unless the client(s) and I decide to continue working together.


Generally, sessions for individual counseling are 50 minutes and for couples an hour. Family sessions are typically double length, that is to say about 100 minutes.


Payment is expected at the time of sessions. Failure to pay as agreed does automatically terminate my services. Also, payment is required for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Phone and Skype sessions may be paid for using PayPal.


Frequency: While I see usually start seeing clients weekly, I try to move towards a lower frequency as quickly as possible.


I try to be available for emergency sessions when the need arises.


I can, if needs be, provide Skype or telephone sessions; however, I cannot guarantee the privacy of those sessions as I do not have access to the requisite computer-ware to do so. I do charge for Skype and phone sessions.


Medical issues: My services are never to be construed as being an alternative to proper medical care. This caveat includes but is not limited to psychiatric, neurological, and endocrinological screening and treatment.


Substance Abuse and Self Harm: I will work with substance abusers and clients who engage in self-destructive behaviors and with their families, I insist they recognize that such issues may require medical intervention and possibly confinement in a treatment center or hospital. No therapist can guarantee success, health, or safety for their clients, and especially not when self-harm is involved.


Confidentiality: All sessions are confidential. While I encourage honesty and transparency within families, I will not share information shared in confidence with others unless it is my legal and/or ethical responsibility to do so.