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In the late 1980s when I turned 40, I decided that in lieu of a mid-life crisis, that I’d take up painting.  It was a good choice – my background in stained glass provided me with a distinctive style and a fondness for strong colors.  I had a number of exhibitions on Long Island (including a large solo show at the State University of New York at Old Westbury in 1994) and went far afield to Paris in 1991 (at the Pons-Debord Gallery) and Copenhagen at Galleri Marius in 1996.

After moving to Scottsdale in 2001, my interest turned to designing beaded jewelry.  However, a visit to the Phoenix Museum of Art in 2015 to see the Modernist Painting Exhibition, rekindled my desire to paint.  Because of space limitations, I was forced to work on a much smaller scale and with advancing years my sense of whimsy has grown- thus the rubber ducky series.

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Art Ducko Gallery

All paintings are  $148.00 plus shipping and handling ($25.00)

Duckling Lullaby (after The Sleeping Gypsy by Rousseau) 12 x 9

Birthday Dinner (after Chagall’s The Birthday)  12 x 9

Dizzy Duck Dancing (after La Sense by Matisse)  12 x 9

Ce n’est pas un canard  12 x 9

SUCK!!!! (After Munch’s The Scream)
9 x 12

Eye to Eye (after The Horse, The Rider, and The clown by Matisse) 9 x 12

Has Been Sold

Cold Duck (after Woman With a Fan)
9 x 12

Duck At The Amusement Park (after Berlin Series No. 1 by Marsden Hartley)
9 x 12

Duckies Dancing (after The Dancing Lesson by Degas) 9 x 12

Quack-Along (after Lift Up Thy Voice and Sing by William Johnson) 9 x 12

Has Been Sold

Ducks of The Southwest Gallery

All paintings are  $148.00 plus shipping and handling ($25.00)

Joy Ride 12 x 9

Has Been Sold

Desert Chorale  9 x 12

Has Been Sold

Three Amigos (after Cabaleros by Ramon De Zubaurre) 12 x 9

Has Been Sold

My House!!! 12 x 9

Has Been Sold

Kokopelli and Duck
Cause the Sun to Rise 9 x 12

Caught in Dreams of Corn and Barley 12 x 9

Ride ’em Ducko!!!   12 x 9

Road Rage 9 x 12

Donner Kebab 12 x 9

Summoning the Flock 12 x 9

Day of the Dead Ducko 12 x 9

Has Been Sold

Fiesta 12 x 9

Shootout at O’Quack Corral 9 x 12

Has Been Sold

Sonoran Hot Duck 12 x 9

Sloth Gallery

All paintings are  $148.00 plus shipping and handling ($25.00)

Baby Bliss (9 x 12) 

A Sloth For All Seasons Gallery

All paintings are $148.00 plus shipping and handling ($25.00)


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